Remove virus from Computer

Last few days I’m struggling with email spam. Even I have been banned from my hosting provider because Email Spam messages.

To resolve this I had to scan my Computers for viruses and then I stuck! All my Computers – or at least 95% of them – running Windows XP Professional SP3! Antivirus application can’t deal with viruses on that system – I’m talking about Security Essential.

So what then? How to deal with virus and spam on that old unsupported system? While searching over the internet, I found this webpage with some very useful antivirus and anti-malware tools. All these applications are designed to work with Windows XP and I can say they work just like they suppose to.

Applications I used are:
Junkware Removal Tool

Good thing is that all these apps are on one place, and you can run them right after download. If you need to scan your Computer running Windows XP I suggest you to try these applications.

Also, after that, download and run complete scan with Anti Malware.

One thought on “Remove virus from Computer

  1. These programs are good for cleaning computer from viruses, but one fact is there and we all should be aware of it! M$ Windows XP is not supported and that is why there is so much troubles related to that OS. Even Microsoft is trying to make you choose new OS and what is the best way to do that beside to make your current OS unstable and not safe enough?

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