Replacing bad capacitors on DELL Optiplex 745 motherboard

Here is this DELL machine Optiplex 745 with bad capacitors I find inside. On a first look I noticed one bad capacitor near to CPU socket, and on a closer look there where two more just behind P4 MB power supply connector.

Once again, these are standard capacitors 6.3V 1800mF. I found replacement parts on the other motherboard. It is not hard to replace these, and if you need more on that subject look at these links

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On the above links you can see how to replace bad capacitors on the motherboard. In all that cases my computers worked again.

To get back on the subject and write more about this Optiplex 745. When I opened this case I noticed that it is very dirty inside, and I was not surprised when I had removed CPU cooler.

This image I just wanna share to show people how CPU case can be dirty and full of dust. All this can lead to bad airflow and it can reduce computer performance.

After I had replaced bad capacitors with a new working ones, before installing all parts again I have done some detailed cleaning on that PC case.

Now this computer works really good and without any noises that I could hear before that.

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