Rumors saying Google is going to introduce new Visual Search Photo Features

Interesting rumor comes from anonymous – read not verified – source but still this story comes with certain technical details.

Visual Search Photo Features

New features should let users to select certain area of the picture and then do the search, displaying results more precise than it is the case with searches right now.

If you have ever try Google Goggles, than you know how disappointing results can be. These changes should fix many issues you can run into while searching photos on the internet. Unlike text search, Google still haven’t found proper algorithm to show us exactly image we are looking for. From technical point of view it is really hard to give precise enough search images result, but on the other hand it is not mission impossible. Google is aware of these searches and it is trying to provide best results for its users.

Same source giving us more details like this new feature should be compatible with new technology wearable computing devices like Google Glass or maybe VR or AR headset. Also, with this new technology Google should introduce and release new camera feature which should allow us to use our standard Google Camera app and search for information based on what we capture through our camera lenses. How cool is that?

Like we mentioned in text above, Google is trying to allow users to select specific image area and search for that image based on that detail. This way user can single out details and make his search results more precise than it is the case with searching whole picture. This technology should help us to browse images easily. Imagine you standing on the sidewalk and looking at the building on the other side, wondering what it is… All you need to do is to take a photo and mark that building, click Search and wait for Google to do the work. These technologies have a space to grow and we all are happy to see it is coming.

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