WordPress nRelate plugin is off – Which one to use instead?

New related post plugin to choose. Which one you prefer? Let me know by leaving comment on this post.

This year nRelate plugin for WordPress has been shut down. This has been announced so you had a lot of time to choose another plugin for related content on your sites.

In my case, I wait till my plugin stopped to work and it was on 01.01.2015.

Sadly but what you gonna do?

I decide to replace nRelate plugin with WordPress related posts.

Just want to say that WordPress related posts plugin works great and it has many possibilities for styling and other kind of setup. Most important thing is that you can customize thumbnail size and their position under the posts. Also, these thumbnails looks great even while you are browsing with mobile device. That was not the case while I was using nRelate plugin – I kept it off in mobile preview.

Hope you guys will find right replacement for your sites plugin. However I use this opportunity to recommend WordPress related posts as most better replacement.

Support for that plugin is great, and if you go and take a look you will notice how fast response you can get from plugin developer team.

2 thoughts on “WordPress nRelate plugin is off – Which one to use instead?

  1. Ivan Slišković


    Can you provide link to your site? But honestly if plug-in author couldn't find a solution i don't think I will. However I'll try to help..

  2. Ivan, I’ve been looking around the web and I seem to be the only person who can’t get Related Posts going on five very different WordPress sites. I’ve followed the instructions (turned it on in Jetpack, configured them) but they do not appear. The only way I can get them showing up is to add something after a question mark and append it to the URL, e.g. ?wtf, then they appear! Was there a trick you had to employ to get yours to show up?

    The plug-in’s author has been incredibly helpful and patient but so far he hasn’t come up with a solution yet. I’m hoping other netizens might know.

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